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What will I be Learning?

What will I be learning?


The key focus for a Tiny Warriors coach is for the activities to improve the students balance, coordination, concentration and listening skills. The key focus of our Mini Warriors Coach is to provide the strongest Martial Arts foundation possible, developing the social skills  as well as the martial arts skills necessary to fucntion independently in any Martial Arts class. The courses are 12 week rolling programmes designed to cover the basic skills in the 4 major Mixed Martial Arts disciplines Boxing, Wrestling, Kick Boxing and Grappling. Each session will cover a basic technqiue in either Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling or Grappling. By the end of the course the Tiny Warriors student will have covered the following:


It is essential to instil into every budding athlete the importance of looking after your body and ensuring you are in the best possible shape to take part in physical exercise. This is why Tiny Warriors warm up is an essential part of the course. It not only helps relax the class and gets the body ready for the session it also instils that sense of fun about one of the most crucial parts of sporting activity.


Balance, Boxing stance, Movement in boxing stance.
Attacking techniques: Jab/Cross, Hook/Uppercut, Body punches
Defensive techniques: Covering up, Rolling punches, Slipping punches
This element drills the tiny warriors in having a good striking stance, movement while in the stance


Balance, Wrestling stance, Movement in wrestling stance, Hip movement and push walking
Defensive techniques: Sprawl, Break Falling
Attacking techniques: Double and Single leg Takedowns and trips

Kick Boxing

Attacking Techniques: Round Kicks, Push Kicks,
Defensive Techniques: Checks and sweeps


Top position: Full Mount, Side Control, Back Mount
Bottom position: Guard, Shrimping, Bridge, Reversal

The Tiny and Mini Warriors Courses follows current government guidelines on age appropriate learning which assists with students preparation for and development through their first years of school. By the end of the course the students will have covered:

Listening, Looking, Concentration, Hand-eye coordination, Teamwork, Colour identification, Animal identification, Using imagination, Being physically active and safe, big and small, numbers and basic counting

At the end of each session the students will get a sticker and will be assessed on their progress in the key areas of Listening, Sharing, Teamwork, Answering questions, Striking and Wrestling.

Individual learning journey’s will be made available to Parents who want to moniter their Tiny Warriors progress. At the end of each course the data from the Journal can be passed to parents, schools and nurseries to go with their learning journeys.

It is important that everybody has the opportunity to be the best they can be. The Tiny Warriors Course has been carefully designed with the specific intention of making MMA and other sports learning accessible, educational and fun for everyone.